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How to stake XDN with the QT wallet
The XDN QT Wallet allows users to stake their holdings directly without ever giving up control of your funds.
To find out potential staking rewards please check this calculator whch wil give you an estimate of what to expect. Yoi can tehn compare if it it better for you to run a Masternode or to Stake
It is avisable to encrypt your wallet with a passphrase. If you do not encrypt your wallet, your coins will automataically stake as long as they are not reserved and the wallet remian online. (<Options><Main> and then check Reserve)
If your wallet is encrypted, simply select "Unlock Wallet..." from the Settings menu. You will then be prompted to enter your wallet passphrase.
Select "Unlock Wallet..." from the Settings Menu
check "For staking only" box and enter your passphrase
Staking is enabled
IMPORTANT: You must leave your wallet open and "unlocked for staking" in order to actively stake your coins!