Welcome to the DigitalNote Wiki
DigitalNote is a time tested and battle hardened open source blockchain that offers a fast, secure, and low-fee cryptocurrency, an interoperable DeFi platform, and Peer-to-Peer secure messaging.
The XDN Wiki is intended to be your one-stop source for all things DigitalNote. Here you can learn more about the DigitalNote Ecosystem--including the following aspects, and much more:
    The core components of DigitalNote Ecosystem
    Technologies that power DigitalNote Ecosystem
    Staking & Mining
    Cryptocurrency: XDN
    ERC-20 token: 2XDN
    Binance Smart Chain integration
    Pancakeswap Integration
Desktop users can navigate the site by using the menu on the left side of your screen while mobile users can tap on the 3 horizontal bars found in the upper-left corner of your screen.
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