A Brief History

We initially started with CryptoNote and after years of struggling to maintain and secure the network, we decided to do away with it and do a total rebase on the blockchain to the more Stable Satoshi Core version we have today.

Since the new development team took over, we have totally revamped the DigitalNote XDN blockchain. As far as we are aware, we are the only project to have ever successfully migrated from a CryptoNote-based codebase/chain to a Bitcoin-based codebase/chain. In order to do this, we first secured the broken codebase enough to actually make the migration possible and tried to include absolutely everyone within an extended swap timeframe. This was annouced throught all official social network sites, and also advertised through popular crypto news pages.

The new codebase covers many prominent features. For example, advanced block difficulty retarget system which ensures a very tight window around the target block time and shrugs off 51% attacks without any complaint, no matter the scale of attack. We’ve now introduced messaging V2 and are focusing on user interface and usability before tackling some more codebase aspects. One of them is advanced PoS weight management that would combine the community-oriented functionality of dPoS with the reliability of BlackCoin’s PoSv3. This will ensure everyone in the community gets to participate in supporting the network and getting some XDN while they’re at it, no matter how many coins they hold.